mYndful prototype

Virtual reality (VR) program with heart rate biofeedback based on science/art research and development as a visiting scholar and artist-in-residence at the Institute of Neuroscience and Quantum and Nanoscale Physics Alemán Lab at the University of Oregon 2014-2016. Since 2016 presented at museums, galleries and conferences internationally.

mYndful prototype of virtual reality (VR) program with heart rate and breath biofeedback.
video of virtual reality (VR) program with menu of options:
<3 heart rate biofeedback visual and audio environments in-sync with the user's heart rate in real-time
body scan mindfulness exercise with heart rate biofeedback
fire breathing attended breathing mindfulness exercise
nanoscape nanoscale microscopy transferred into a VR experience
Developed in collaboration with researchers David Miller and Andrew Blaikie from the Quantum and Nanoscale Physics Lab of Benjamín Alemán, Shawn Slater (all University of Oregon) and Chris Thompson

Below poster and mYndful VR program presented in the panel "Wellbeing Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science" (won "Best Presentation Award") at the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) Spring Symposia 2016, Stanford University, Science of Consciousness 2016 conference at the University of Arizona, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning in Jamaica, Queens in NY and Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities a2ru National Conference 2015 at Virginia Tech.
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Pdf of paper Mindful Technologies Research and Developments in Science and Art (hannes bend et al. 2016) on the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) server:

Much gratitude for collaborating or supporting the project to: Irida Mance, Benjamín Alemán, Michael Posner, Ed Vogel, Cris Niell, Shawn Slater, David Miller, Andrew Blaikie, Alex Bies, Arthur Juliani, Nuo Ma, Benjamin McMorran, Connor Salisbury, Mike Jones, Bella Shah, Chris Thompson, Robert Alexander, Cooper Boydston, Jordan Pierce, Junaid Merchant, Heidemarie Laurent, Ryan Jayne, Arian Mobasser, Matt Ostgard, Matt Larsen