Hannes Bend

Hannes Bend and team have been creating breathing.ai to develop unique patented bio-adaptive interfaces for screen experiences.
The interfaces use machine learning to customize screens for calmer and deeper breaths with every technological interaction. The first product is used in 143 countries and by companies across industries.

Prior to his focus on creating health-improving tech for all, Hannes Bend has been exhibiting art in museums internationally with recent exhibitions at The Rubin Museum of Art NY (2018) and Pérez Art Museum Miami (2018).
From 2014-2016, he researched in neuroscience and published papers on Virtual Reality, visual stimuli, and meditation with research at Princeton and the University of Oregon. 
The studies of Bend’s team from The Institute of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Alemàn Lab at the University of Oregon won “Best Presentation Award in the panel “Wellbeing Computing: AI meets Health and Happiness Science” at the Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Spring Symposia 2016 at Stanford University. Research and Augmented and Virtual Reality projects were also developed and/or presented at MIT Media Lab, Harvard University, Frost Museum of Science among others. The paper “Adaptive interfaces for personalized digital well-being” was published in the IUI proceedings after presenting it at the 26th ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces in the Healthy Interfaces Workshop, organized by Northwell Health and Cornell Tech, at A&M University in April 2021.
Hannes has been working with 50+ scientists, psychologists, developers, and artists from renowned universities and created multiple continents for VR/AR biofeedback projects, also for Wim “The Iceman” Hof.
Hannes has also been guiding meditation and breathing at renowned places and museums such as The Rubin Museum of Art, WeWork HQ, Google HQ NY, CUNY SecondHome among many others. www.webreathions.com/